I am a landscape photographer, artist, and writer based in South Wales. I draw inspiration from the stunning Welsh scenery and seek to convey that through the medium of photography, ink drawing and digital art. I also write fiction and blog about a range of subjects.


With 9 years of photographic experience, I have created a large portfolio of images from England and Wales.

I refer to my work as ‘guerilla landscape photography’ as I take my shots very quickly, and with minimal equipment. I find there is something about taking landscape photos very quickly that seems to work for me. I’m capturing the moment in nature.


I’m drawn to old buildings, rugged landscapes and the beauty of trees — subjects that I feel translate well through the medium of ink sketches. It’s early days for me, I’m still developing my style.


In contrast to my ink sketches, through the medium of digital art – specifically vector drawing, I love the clinical nature of this medium. Clean lines, smooth patches of colour.