80ml bottle of Russe Leather fragrance by Maison Alhambra

Here’s one I don’t see much of at all online. Russe Leather by Maison Alhambra. Look at that bottle!! You don’t have to be a clone detective to figure out that this is a clone of Memo Paris Russian Leather, and it’s only going to be so long before they sue for plagiarism. Got to give it to MA for the effort they put into the presentation though!

As a fan of Memo Paris clones, and with clones of Irish, African, and Italian Leather already in my collection, when I saw this was available it was an instant blind-buy about a year ago now.

Thoughts on my first sniff – “this is different”. I think I was expecting more of a sharp, green fougère, and because of that expectation, I was mildly disappointed. However, in the time I’ve owned this one, it’s grown and grown on me. The mint is quite prominent, then you get the green, herbaceous notes underneath. The leather is extremely subtle in this one, to the point where I simply wouldn’t class it as a leather fragrance. Finally you get this almost smoky woodiness underneath. Quite honestly, my nose is still not good enough to discern everything going on here. It’s definitely one of my favourite winter scents.

The imagery that comes to mind is a snow covered forest, so for me this is a great fragrance for freezing winter days and nights.

Are you a fan of Memo Paris? Know the originals? Tried the clones?


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