100ml bottle of men's fragrance Next Origin

Next do a pretty decent selection of fragrances for the money, and the longevity is generally pretty good with them. As far as I’m aware, most of them are clones – some of their more enduring clone lines are Code Red (Invictus) and No.85 (1 Million) Homme (Le Male). I usually enjoy looking this time of year to see what new ones they’ve got out, but their new offerings are disappointingly thin on the ground this year.

Next also tend to swap around their fragrances under the same name, or take what was a previous line and put it in a completely new bottle. Signature Tonic from 2018 – was gorgeous (some said it was a L’Homme De Nuit clone) but that was switched to fairly decent clone of Allure Homme Sport under the name of Signature Tonic. They also took Edition Extreme and repackaged it into a cog-shaped bottle and called it Engage.

This one, Origin was released around 2019 and is described as “a warm blend of tonka, cardamom, vanilla and musk with fir balsam accords, geranium and vetiver”.

Origin retains a certain light, wintery freshness despite its warmth. It’s a nice autumn/winter scent that I find good for daily work wear and have received several compliments wearing it.

This is the 2019 bottle with a debossed stag head in the translucent blue glass. They’ve since repackaged it in a red bottle which I don’t find quite as good looking.

Have you smelled Next Edition? Is it a clone?


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