Here’s an under-the-radar fragrance from Ard Al Zaafaran that I’ve had in my collection for a few years, yet have seen next to nothing about online, and I’ve no idea if it’s supposed to be a clone. Suitably green-coloured, it’s a fougere fragrance that opens with a sharp hit of bergamot and dries down with spruce and patchouli giving it an earthy, foresty feel. They really meant business with this bottle – it’s heavy enough to be a doorstop.

Waqar’s bergamot combined with the spruce means this fragrance is really sharp and cool, and I feel it could do with just a little sweetness to offset that sharpness somewhat – perhaps an opportunity for layering?

Official notes are:

Top: bergamot, juniper, bay leaves, basil

Mid: spruce, suede, spices

Base: sandalwood, ambergris, patchouli

The lack of sweetness makes this one feel so serious, and that stops it from easily fitting comfortably into a particular season. Instead it’s got niche use, and I reckon it would work perfectly with walking in woodlands on a wet spring morning.


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