The Silversmith by Jeff Carson

Police deputy David Wolf has returned home to Colorado. But not only is he returning with the body of his dead brother, the Sheriff’s job he’s coveted for so long is given to Wolf’s tyrannical nemesis.

Refusing another job offer from the town’s millionaire, and faced with eviction from his family home, Wolf finds himself caught in a web of intrigue. Hunted by a sadistic ex-Special Forces mercenary, as well as his own police department, Wolf flees to the mountain forests in an attempt to solve the mystery, clear his name, and survive.

After my reservations about the first book in the David Wolf series – Foreign Deceit, Carson didn’t let me down with The Silversmith. Following hot on the heels of the previous book, The Silversmith sees David Wolf in a dire situation. But once things in the Silversmith kick off, they never let up. This wasn’t deep reading, just a good old thriller movie in book form. I loved it.

What was also good was the ending was tied up nicely, but still left me wanting to follow on with Wolf’s adventures. I’m very much looking forward to reading the next in the series.

Whilst The Silversmith is the better book, I’d still recommend reading Foreign Deceit first as it really sets up the story.


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