It feels like an age ago I was in shorts and flip-flops, yet it’s only a week since we had a heatwave. Now at the tail-end of August with the rain falling and the darker mornings, mentally I’m finding myself already in September.

We lay in bed the other Sunday morning while baby was napping. ‘Talons was playing in my earbud and everything just seemed to align perfectly into a ‘moment’ of coziness and autumnal longing.

September’s a time of year I love. Something about the days being a bit shorter, but not too short; cooler but not too cool. Mornings often have mist drifting down the valley below the clearest blue skies, and nights bring a chill that reminds you autumn is approaching. This time of year I want to wander forests in the dappled light of sundown, sit on benches watching the summer foliage begin to turn, and sit and read for hours in front of an open fire.

September is filled with both a sense of melancholy and expectation. It’s like the out-breath from a long inhale — a time of winding down yet starting again.

There is a September vibe I’ve been chasing and trying to define for years. In 2015 I played Life is Strange for the first time. It nailed the vibe both with the music and its aesthetic. I’ve been building on that ever since.

S. Carey is doing the rounds on my playlists right now. I stumbled across him last year and find his music has an autumnal/September vibe — along with Scott Orr, Dustin Tebbit, Garrett Kato, Angus & Julia Stone.

So, I may be a little early, but bring it on, September. I’m ready.


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