Armani Code Ultimate

Wow, this takes me back. I got this around a decade ago.

Back in the early 21st century,  whilst still enthusiastic about fragrance, I was pretty much limited to three fragrances: Boss Bottled, JPG Le Male, and Armani Aqua Di Gio. About 10 years later, I tried Code and Diamonds for the first time. I fell in love, and Armani became one of my favourite fragrance houses with their highly recognisable DNA.

From there I started exploring fragrance a little more and stumbled across Code Ultimate. I’d found a new love. Code Ultimate became my signature fragrance for several years. It was always the one I wore for meals out, parties, events etc.

Sadly it was discontinued, but not so sadly I still have about 3ml left in the bottle. Worth noting Marks & Spencer of all companies actually did a really decent clone of this about 8 years ago (most of their stuff sucks) called Autograph Homme Noir, which I have a few bottles of too. Again, discontinued, but there are some still floating around on marketplace sites.

I love how I smell this and am instantly transported back to my early 30s – one of the best things about fragrance.


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