100ml bottle of Azlan by Fragrance World

I’ve got a bit of a thing for Bvlgari fragrances, but not the wallet for the real thing, so the clones really appeal to me! One of my absolute favourites is Le Gemme Ambero, but also love Man in Black and Wood Intense.

I got this one for Father’s Day back in the summer. It’s by Fragrance World and is called Bavaria The Gemstone Azlan, and is a clone of Le Gemme Azaran.

I had a sniff back in the summer and thought it was okay, but didn’t feel it was suitable for that time of year so it sat on the shelf. Now that winter is setting in, I’m getting to explore it more.

It’s a leather scent that starts with a subtle sweetness (much less sweet than TF Tuscan Leather) and dries down to more peppery, smoky notes.

Works well as a casual autumn/winter scent. Not sure if it’s interesting or compelling enough for me to buy again, but I think I’ll enjoy the time I have with it.


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