100ml bottle of Karl Lagerfeld Bois D'Ambre

Another one of this year’s acquisitions. Having already purchased the others in this line (Vetiver, Cedar, Yuzu), I noticed one was outstanding so took the plunge. I’m fond of amber fragrances, so didn’t think there was much to go wrong with a blind-buy.

…and there wasn’t! On first sniff, I immediately got Ferrari Amber Essence Vibes, though not quite as sharp. It also had similarities to Bvlgari Le Gemme Ambero. Longevity not quite as good as either of those though.

Ultimately extremely pleasant, and not too heavy to wear during the day as well as the evening. Sits with me as an autumn/pre-Christmas winter fragrance. Quite honestly, this could have a really good fight with Bois De Vetiver for being my favourite from the line.


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