There are several fragrance houses that do clones that are talked about a lot in the fragrance community — Armaf, Paris Corner, Lattafa, Ard Al Zafaraan. But there’s one brand I’ve been trying for the last year or so that hardly gets a mention, and that’s Khalis.

I first came across them with a recommendation that Khalis Resolute Gold was a good Tom Ford Tuscan Leather clone. For £12 for 100ml I couldn’t go wrong. Finding what fragrances their other offerings were clones of was a bit of a detective game with completely unrelated names (Khalis I’m Legend Black = Tom Ford Silver Mountain Water, Khalis Oud Hindi = Dior Homme Intense).

However, they’ve recently released the Luxury line and as you can see from the photo, you don’t have to put in much guesswork as to what they’re trying to be!

Memo Paris Italian Leather Clone

Now, I’ve never smelt the Memo Paris originals, but I’m really pleased with these. Khalis Italian Style is a clone of Memo Paris Italian Leather, definitely my favourite and I got two compliments on the first day of wearing it yesterday. It’s green, vanillary, dusty and smoky.

Memo Paris Irish Leather Clone

As a clone of Memo Paris Irish Leather, Khalis Irish Style comes second and has a certain freshness that I really like and it feels like it would work really well on overcast, damp days.

Memo Paris African Leather Clone

Finally Khalis African Style, a clone of Memo Paris African Leather I’m still not 100% on. Essentially it’s pleasant enough, but I’m just not sure of the right setting to wear it. A few more full day wears needed on this one.

All three have decent longevity (4-6 hours) and projection for the price. I’m now eagerly waiting for Khalis to clone Memo Paris Russian Leather — as the notes on that sound right up my street!


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