Foreign Deceit by Jeff Carson

In the week preceding a potential promotion, Colorado deputy sergeant David Wolf is informed of his brother’s apparent suicide in his apartment in Italy. With tension rising between him and his competitor for the Sheriff’s position, Wolf sets off for Europe to find the truth behind his brother’s uncharacteristic demise.

With an ex-wife just out of rehab, a suspected murder on a hiking trail, and a colleague who is definitely out to get him, I was riveted by David Wolf’s Colorado story. Unsurprisingly I found the detour to Italy to be engaging and scattered with too many pizza references. I couldn’t wait for Wolf to head back to his home turf in the US.

This was my first time reading Jeff Carson, and whilst not filled with the same pastoral descriptive style of similar novels I’ve read, I was still drawn to the characters and setting.

Despite the fact I felt the Italian section of the book was a disjointed detour, once back in Colorado the cliff-hanger ending combined with the preview of the next book in the series left me wanting more. There’s definitely some promise here and I will be reading the next book in the series, The Silversmith looking forward to more Colorado-based adventures.


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