A 100ml bottle of Jaguar Classic Amber fragrance

Let’s take a look at Jaguar Classic Amber. I’ve quite enjoyed exploring the Jaguar line over the last few years. For the price point they’re fairly decent, though in my opinion, nowhere near the same league as the now sadly discontinued Ferrari Essence line.

This one, Jaguar Classic Amber was a bit of a disappointment for me at first. I expected it to be a sweet amber, but what I actually got was more of a tart fougére – though it does dry down to a softer and sweeter powderiness. It’s actually grown on me since first getting to it.

I like the bottle design of the Classic range, though on actually holding them, the chrome-effect plastic surround feels a bit cheap, especially if it’s loose.

The thing with the Jaguar line is they’re mostly fine. Nothing really bad about them, but I feel most of them don’t have that wow factor that makes them stand out. For me, the only two that do are Pace Accelerate and Classic Electric Sky. As far as I’m aware, their latest release was Era in 2022 – and that was a pretty uninspiring and forgettable scent with Invictus vibes.

The Ferrari fragrance line sat well with the brand’s luxury, but I just don’t get where the Jaguar fragrance brand is. It just doesn’t have continuity. Here’s hoping that Lalique who own the brand, and who brought us the legendary Encre Noire pull their finger out and give us some more interesting Jaguar releases in the next few years.

What are your thoughts on Jaguar Classic Amber or the Jaguar line? Any favourites?


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