Landscape photo of the profile of The Sleeping Giant (Cribarth) at dawn, taken from a farmer's field

The Sleeping Giant (Cribarth) is a hill in the Brecon Beacons, overlooking the village of Abercrave. It was given its name due to its profile from the south west looking like a giant lying on his back.

Having lived in the area for nearly four years, and having seen The Sleeping Giant on the horizon numerous times, I finally set plans to walk up there. It just so happened that those plans lay in the middle of a heatwave.

So, in the cool of the early hours, with the plan of reaching the top of Cribarth by 6.30am at the latest before it got too hot, I set out from home for the walk to Abercrave. This time of the morning is so peaceful. I’m so grateful to be an early-riser and get to enjoy a time of day that many don’t see much of.

A bus stop in Caerlan gives quite a good viewpoint of Cribarth, but on this morning, I noticed one of the field gates opposite was open, so I couldn’t resist heading across to try and get a shot from there.

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