Looking down Brecon Road, Ystradgynlais at sunset

I’ve been using Panasonic Lumix cameras for well over a decade.

Starting with an LX-5 back in 2010, it revolutionised my photo taking. Before that, I’d been reluctant to lug my Nikon DSLR with me everywhere — aside from the bulkiness, it made me feel too much like a tourist. With the LX-5 in my pocket, I took thousands and thousands of photos with it until it died circa 2016.

I replaced it with an LX-7 — pretty much the same as the LX-5, just a little better. And again, took thousands of photos until it too died in 2021. I replaced it like for like.

Having a fairly decent phone camera, I’ve been lazy over the last few years. Whilst out and about with work, or even at weekends, I’ve used the phone to capture life. Phone photos are fine, but that’s it — they’re just fine. They don’t have the clarity or colour of what I can capture with my Lumix. Looking back, there are a lot of times when a photo on my phone wasn’t even close to capturing what I saw.

So I resolved to carry my Lumix LX-7 everywhere — at work when I’m out and about on appointments, and for family time at weekends. I want to capture life in higher fidelity.

On the first day I started carrying my Lumix, leaving the office for a late afternoon appointment, I could see the sun beginning to set down the valley in my rear-view mirror. After the appointment, heading back down the hill to the office, the display was breathtaking. I pulled over and took a couple of shots. They were stunning. On my phone, the dynamic range would have been limited and the colours would have been a bit dull. But on the Lumix, the sky was rich, and the foreground had plenty of tonal detail. A worthy shot for the collection.

I’m so glad I made the decision, and glad it was reinforced straight away. I’m looking forward to the shots I capture from now on.


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