Lattafa Just Oud Boulevard Edition 80ml fragrance

I got Just Oud – Boulevard Edition not long after first experiencing Raghba Wood Intense. I wanted to explore more middle-eastern fragrances. I’ve got to admit, I do like the bottle, even if it has a bit of a cheap and old-fashioned vibe to it.

This has mixed reviews on Fragrantica. I concur that it does share similarities with Bentley for Men Intense. It has an addictive sweetness, but there is this biting ‘plastic’ note that is quite prominent when you first spray and I think that’s what puts a lot of people off when they try it.

However, despite the similarities with Bentley For Men Intense, Just Oud Boulevard is a fragrance of its own. In the dry-down, the plastic note subsides somewhat, and behind the sweetness, the ‘funky’ oudiness sets in – and this I really love, especially when it lingers on a chunky-knit jumper the day after.

So what occasion would this fragrance work for? We’ll the sweetness and oud notes make it 100% an autumn/winter scent for me. Not one I think I would wear out for work, or for an evening meal. It’s more of a cosy scent that I would wear on cold evenings by the fire for my own enjoyment.

Just Oud Boulevard Edition was around £12-13 when I purchased it, so great value for money. Would I buy another bottle when this one runs out? Maybe.

Have you tried Just Oud Boulevard Edition – or even the original Just Oud?


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