Looking down on Rhossili bay with Worm's Head in the distance on a winter's afternoon.

Less than two weeks living back in Wales, my birthplace, and I’d travelled down to Rhossili with the intention of descending the steps down to the beach, rather than just photographing the view a few steps from the car park.

On this cold and windy winter’s afternoon, I was still revelling in the novelty that now, places like this were within an hour’s drive from home, rather than a stop in a holiday itinerary.

There is something special about the coast in winter. Such busy places in the height of summer. I tend to avoid them at their height, but in winter they seem to revert to places of solitude. Now standing on the beach being buffeted by the fierce winds I could almost hear the echoes of those visitors gone.

I love how the coast has a grounding effect. After the upheaval of leaving everything I’d known in the south east for the last 30 years and starting fresh back in the country where I was born, standing nearly alone (one other guy walking his dogs) on a nearly 3 mile stretch of shore put things in perspective.

I wandered for a bit, got some great shots, and with sunset fast approaching, feeling satisfied with my visit, I headed back up the steep steps to the car park and home.

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