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I went searching for Japanese Larches in Caio Forest. Whilst I didn’t find the intense golden stretch of forest I was hoping for, I loved the odd one dotted in amongst the other confiers.

I planned to visit RSPB this weekend hoping for an autumn odyssey but the wind and rain gave it more of a bleak mid-winter feel.

I couldn’t have asked for a better peak-September experience than when visiting Cwm Rhaeadr with Jess. It was warm with a slight breeze. The golden afternoon light was catching the hillsides and dappled through the trees.

I’ve driven the dramatic stretch of road that is the Black Mountain pass a number of times. It seems a no-brainer to photograph wide-shots of the epic scenery, but while parked up in the layby, I noticed the lines and… Continue Reading →

A quick sketch and watercolour scene of Trichrug seen from Pen Arthur forest, Carmarthenshire. Essential a trial of doing more short-form works in an effort to increase output.

A Recce at Kidwelly and Ferryside

I work a 10am-2pm shift today. I’m on the till closest to the entrance and through the glass I can see the weather changing by the minute — heavy rain followed by spots of sun, and then more rain. I’ve… Continue Reading →

Burry Port Lighthouse at Sunset

Another full day off with no plans. I had a late one after a social last night, so don’t rise early. January is nearly over, though it’s still putting up a fight — gifting us with rain and cloud, but… Continue Reading →

Photographing Sunrise on Llansteffan Beach

I’m awake ten minutes before my alarm is due to go off. It’s one of the benefits of being gently awoken by a sunrise simulator alarm clock, rather than being jarred out of sleep by an audible alarm. The cold… Continue Reading →

Pen Arthur Forest and Trichrug

It’s a grey Monday. After a photographically disappointing previous week of foul weather and indecisiveness (including a drive up to Carn Goch hill-fort before deciding that I just couldn’t be bothered that day), around lunchtime, I’m parked up at Pen… Continue Reading →

A Foggy Morning at Gwenlais Quarry

My new photographic rucksack arrived yesterday. I spent a bit of time packing it with all my kit. Today I’m taking it on a field test. I don’t want to go too far with it, I just want a feel… Continue Reading →

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