Fragrance (in no particular order)

Khalis Red Tobacco 100ml – Around £14

I love this fragrance and would like a another bottle as I’m about 50% remaining on my current bottle.

Available on Ebay

Davidoff Zino 125ml – Around £20

Sounds good. I want to try it.

Where to buy:

Ebay or

Bentley Intense 100ml – Around £35

A much talked about fragrance in the community. Would love to try it.

Where to buy:

Ebay or

Encre Noir A’Lextreme – Around £30

Love this fragrance. Down to about 40% remaining on my current bottle.

Next Signature Gold – Around £18

I had a 30ml bottle a while back and like it. Would like the 100ml.

Where to buy:

Davidoff Cool Water Intense 75ml – Around £25-30

Not to be confused with regular Cool Water. Available most places. Best deals online.

Next Mineral 100ml – Around £18

Lovely, fresh, citrussy fragrance. Available from Next. Second hand bottles may be available on Ebay or Vinted.


Nobsound G3 2 Channel Bluetooth 5.0 Power Amplifier 100W Class D Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Mini Amp Wireless Receiver Home Theater Treble Bass Control – Around £65

I want to be able to ditch my crusty Sony hifi and hook this up to my lovely Tannoy speakers that are in the loft.

Available from Amazon