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Acrylics on slate (approx 20x20cm)

Exploring Soft Pastels

I’ve been working with pastels recently after buying a box of 64 Inscribe soft pastels and am keen to take it further. I really like the spontinaity and control that pastels offer along with their rich, vivid colours. With pastels… Continue Reading →

Acrylics on slate (approx 20x20cm)

Watercolours in sketchbook (A5)

Graphite pencil in sketchbook (A5)

Goodbye Scrivener, Hello Again Focuswriter

When I decided to really get cracking on my blog, I gathered up all my blog post drafts, ideas, and finished articles in Scrivener so it could serve as my central hub for working on them. The idea was to… Continue Reading →

Soft pastels on black paper (A4)

Soft pastels on paper (approx 5x3 in)

Sunset on Mynydd Isaf

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