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I jumped in the car needing some time to process my thoughts. The only idea of a destination – “head north”. It was hardly surprising that I ended up in Snowdonia. Only my third time up there, I’m always stunned… Continue Reading →

I’ve driven the dramatic stretch of road that is the Black Mountain pass a number of times. It seems a no-brainer to photograph wide-shots of the epic scenery, but while parked up in the layby, I noticed the lines and… Continue Reading →

Should Power Tools be Banned on Sundays?

Picture this: You are sitting in your garden. It’s 10 am on a late spring morning. The sun is shining in a clear blue sky. The scent of new blooms and fresh growth wafts on the air as you take… Continue Reading →

I love this tube of watercolour paint called ‘sepia’. Initial experiments suggest I could create some really atmospheric paintings with just this colour alone.

A quick improvised watercolour scene for a Mother’s Day card. Watercolour on 5×5 inch card

After creating long-form, intricate pieces with oils, acrylics, and pens, I really wanted to simplify in the attempt to make artwork a more regular thing for me – somewhat more of a habit. Inspired by Carol Marine’s ‘Daily Painting’ concept,… Continue Reading →

Pen drawing and watercolour scene from a photo I took in New Quay, Ceredigion. Not quite the look I was hoping for… perhaps too colourful, too precise? I’m not sure.

Retailers – Are You Making this One Simple Mistake Online?

There was a time when you either had a website, or you had no web presence at all. Even back then, you probably made a point of getting a website, displaying it’s URL on your marketing materials only to have… Continue Reading →

A quick sketch and watercolour scene of Trichrug seen from Pen Arthur forest, Carmarthenshire. Essential a trial of doing more short-form works in an effort to increase output.

A Recce at Kidwelly and Ferryside

I work a 10am-2pm shift today. I’m on the till closest to the entrance and through the glass I can see the weather changing by the minute — heavy rain followed by spots of sun, and then more rain. I’ve… Continue Reading →

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