Friday morning. Monica was running late for work, which also meant that little Gracie was running late for school. Post-work drinks had seemed like a good idea last night — great in fact. Scott was home for the evening, planning… Continue Reading →

Room 36, Carmine Lake Motel

Carmine Lake Motel New Mexico Present Day Sheriff Chett Hewitt watched as Agent Carson stood behind Ibarra, the drone operator, eyes unflinching from the screens and barked “Twenty metres in, keep it steady, what have we got?” “Visibility five metres,… Continue Reading →

A Very Suburban Outbreak

The outbreak. It took them all eventually. In Swanston Close, it started with Irene Fisher and her husband, Henry. Irene was the shining example of a good suburbanite — her wheelie-bins were always out 24 hours before they needed to… Continue Reading →

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