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Loosening Up in 2019

I’ve always painted with a firm ‘realism’ approach. Maybe it was something ingrained from school art lessons — with the most realistic work considered the best. I have an eye for detail and love painting intricacies. Even when starting out… Continue Reading →


Sticky Post

Welcome to my website. I’m a creative type based in rural South Wales. I built this website as a central space not only for my creative work from over the years, but also as a place to share my thoughts,… Continue Reading →

Exploring Soft Pastels

I’ve been working with pastels recently after buying a box of 64 Inscribe soft pastels and am keen to take it further. I really like the spontinaity and control that pastels offer along with their rich, vivid colours. With pastels… Continue Reading →

Goodbye Scrivener, Hello Again Focuswriter

When I decided to really get cracking on my blog, I gathered up all my blog post drafts, ideas, and finished articles in Scrivener so it could serve as my central hub for working on them. The idea was to… Continue Reading →

Experiencing Autumn

Every time I experience autumn I feel like it’s for both the first and the last time. It makes little logical sense to me. I know that as a man rapidly approaching his 40s, I’ve seen plenty, but the novelty… Continue Reading →

No New Kindle for Me

I was eagerly awaiting the release announcement for the new Kindle Paperwhite this month hoping for one single feature that would have convinced me to buy a new Kindle as my main reader and to keep my older one as… Continue Reading →

A Lazy Summer?

Now that September is upon us, I feel like I’ve had a lazy summer. …which is crazy! I was so focussed on photography at the start of the year. I had a lot of drive and got out as often… Continue Reading →

First Big Painting Failure

It’s been two weeks since I bought a cheap set of acrylic paints, a pack of brushes and eight square canvases from B&M with the intent of exploring the medium. All in fairness to myself, I’ve been prolific in that… Continue Reading →

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