Retailers – Are You Making this One Simple Mistake Online?

There was a time when you either had a website, or you had no web presence at all. Even back then, you probably made a point of getting a website, displaying your web address on your marketing materials only to have your visitors greeted by your logo and the words ‘coming soon’ for more than 18 months. Go on admit it! But times have changed. These days you may not even need a website because of the wide range of social media...
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Should We Stop Using Power Tools on Sundays?

Picture this: You are sitting in your garden. It’s 10am on a late spring morning. The sun is shining in a clear blue sky. The scent of new blooms and fresh growth wafts on the air as you take another sip of your rich, full-bodied coffee. It’s been a tough week, but right now, in this moment you begin to relax. A couple of doors down, your neighbour starts up the lawn mower. Shortly after, the sound hedge trimmers echoes over the...
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