Advice on Starting a Blog

A friend asked me to help him with starting a blog. I said I’d help him get started with WordPress — setting it up, explaining the difference between posts and pages, choosing a domain name, categorising and tagging, etc. It’s… Continue Reading →

Should Power Tools be Banned on Sundays?

Picture this: You are sitting in your garden. It’s 10 am on a late spring morning. The sun is shining in a clear blue sky. The scent of new blooms and fresh growth wafts on the air as you take… Continue Reading →

Retailers – Are You Making this One Simple Mistake Online?

There was a time when you either had a website, or you had no web presence at all. Even back then, you probably made a point of getting a website, displaying it’s URL on your marketing materials only to have… Continue Reading →

When From Begets Function

I like those little creative touches. Things that show a business has thought just a little more about enhancing the customer experience. But taken too far, things can become confused to the point of comedy when form gets in the… Continue Reading →

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