Just Finished – The Bad Place

Just Finished – The Bad Place

The Bad Place by Dean Koontz

Wow, this one was a slog! I read The Bad Place over a period of what must have been around six months.

A man wakes up with Amnesia and bags of cash, and is hunted by something that manifests in an ominous blue light. He eventually approaches a private detective agency to help him find the truth of his situation. Any further summarisation will just be spoilers.

I tried summarising the full plot to the Mrs when she asked what I was reading and it sounded ridiculous.

Having only read a handful of his novels, the second Dean Koontz novel I read — Phantoms, is still my favourite and will take some beating in terms of setting, atmosphere, and chills. Unfortunately I have to admit that The Bad Place lands in the same pile as The Watchers, and Midnight — ‘meh’.

Yes, there were some interesting themes and some interesting characters, but the plot laboured on at a snail’s pace well into halfway through the book, and I found it lacking in atmosphere and chills. Five of the months I spent reading The Bad Place were in getting to halfway through. At this point the weirdness started to appear in droves and the momentum started to build. I finished the book in a week or so.

Yes, of course I’ll read more Koontz, but I wouldn’t recommend The Bad Place.

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