Just Finished – Nostalgia Inc.

Just Finished – Nostalgia Inc.

Nostalgia Inc. by Nolon King

Sometime in the near future, Eddie’s son Jackson is diagnosed with terminal leukaemia. The basic treatment covered by his insurance won’t save Jackson’s life. However, the doctor points Eddie towards a mysterious company called Nostalgia Inc who may just be able to help Eddie foot the bill for advanced, nanotechnological treatment. He may be able to save his son, but at what cost to his own life?

Having long been a fan of Sean Platt & David Wright’s work, I was intrigued to see Nostalgia Inc, written by another author but clearly part of their studio’s output (formerly Collective Inkwell, now Sterling & Stone). Nostalgia Inc is the first book in a series called Version Control — billed as being for fans of The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror.

As a novella, Nostalgia Inc was a speedy read. It’s good to get something this length from Sterling & Stone. Their work mostly comprises of series of novels and occasional collections of short stories (with the exception of the Kara Police series of novellas). I love the idea of a series of loosely connected short reads from them.

Billing this as something fans of Black Mirror would like was spot on. It makes for uncomfortable reading as you can pretty much tell where it’s going, but can’t stop reading to find out how bad things get.

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