Just finished – A Merciful Death

Just finished – A Merciful Death

A Merciful Death by Kendra Elliot.

Estranged FBI agent Mercy Killpatrick returns to her family’s Oregon home town to investigate a series of murders and firearms thefts and finds something disturbingly familiar about the crime scenes.

I’m not well read when it comes to detective/mystery stories but it’s a genre I’m starting to read more of. The main draw for me with A Merciful Death was its Oregon setting. The pace was slow, but well written with enough good dialogue (including inner dialogue), and neat little descriptive touches for it not to be laborious. Flashbacks were handled well and provided a good insight into the main characters’ pasts. I wanted more from the final showdown, but wasn’t disapointed by the conclusion. I’ll definitley read the next in the series.

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