Foxgloves on Irfon Forest (sold)

Foxgloves on Irfon Forest (sold)

My first time painting a landscape in acrylics in over 18 months, and my last finished painting of 2018. This scene is inspired by a photo I took while walking Irfon Forest, Powys back in May. It was a warm, fine day and foxgloves covered the hillside looking east towards the Brecon Beacons.

I’m currently using acrylics as a more convenient alternative to oils due being away from home. I think oils are just too messy (and smelly) to use on the go whereas acrylics are relatively clean and easy to set up and pack away.

I opted to paint on a 7×5 inch wrapped canvas hoping that the smaller size would promote simplicity and speed – perhaps encouraging a more loose style. However, once I’d painted the base elements I naturally drifted towards a more realistic look and added the fine foreground detail.

I also painted right around the edge of the canvas for the first time bringing the basic elements from the main painting round to the sides. It makes the process a little more tricky, but the resulting ‘finished’ look is well worth it.

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