Retailers – Are You Making this One Simple Mistake Online?

Retailers – Are You Making this One Simple Mistake Online?

There was a time when you either had a website, or you had no web presence at all. Even back then, you probably made a point of getting a website, displaying it’s URL on your marketing materials only to have your visitors greeted by your logo and the words ‘coming soon’ for more than 18 months. Go on admit it!
But times have changed. These days you may not even need a website because of the wide range of social media options available — all for free.

When we Google you and find you don’t have a website (a little frustrating), and you’ve not registered on Google My Business it leaves us with little to go on.

But wait, yes there it is — you’ve set up a Facebook page (and not even a profile or closed-group, but a proper page). We see photos of your shop front, maybe some blurb about what you sell, you may have posted a bunch of photos showing the premises and the products if you’ve been creative, but you know what we really want to know?
That one bit of information that might just make the difference between whether we make the journey to your establishment or go somewhere else.

Have you guessed it yet?

Opening hours.

It’s so simple but so important, and sadly so often overlooked. It only takes one sentence on your ‘about’ page — “Open Mon-Sat 9-5pm, Sundays 11-3pm”.

Time costs us.

Fuel costs us.

Disappointment costs us.

On a rainy Sunday, when for whatever reason, we’ve identified that we want to visit you, we’re not going to risk all three by being greeted with a ‘closed’ sign on your doors. We’ll go somewhere else. Maybe to your biggest competitor who you don’t feel is a good as you, or maybe to a larger, ‘faceless’ chain, because despite whatever you feel their flaws are, they’ve made it easy for us to find out when they’re open, and that sets up good expectations for the rest of our experience.

What does it say about your business?

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