No New Kindle for Me

No New Kindle for Me

I was eagerly awaiting the release announcement for the new Kindle Paperwhite this month hoping for one single feature that would have convinced me to buy a new Kindle as my main reader and to keep my older one as a spare.

Whilst waterproofing, eight gigabytes of storage, and Bluetooth connectivity allowing Whispersync of Audible audiobooks are welcome features, the one feature I was hoping for was sadly lacking – a warmer (more yellow) reading light.

Aside from the claims about how the blue light from reading a Kindle in the evenings can affect melatonin production and have an adverse effect on sleep, I simply would prefer my Kindle’s light to be warmer, less blue. It would simply feel more… cosy.

There were some rumours that the new Kindle would have an intelligent light that tracks the passing of the day, progressively getting warmer (more yellow) the later it got. I had excited visions of me reading into the small hours, bathed in a warm yellow glow.

Alas, for now, it’s not to be.

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