Misty Woodland Watercolour

Misty Woodland Watercolour

I guess you’d call this a ‘study’. I had this 8-year old photo that I took while walking the dogs in misty woodland. I thought it would be a perfect subject for a watercolour painting.

I usally just jump into a painting with very little planning, but recently I’ve wanted to explore the creative process in a much more considered way. I’m still building my confidence with watercolours and I decided to spend half an hour or so just laying some paint down in my sketchbook to figure out how I’m going to go about mixing the colours, how much water to dilute the paints with, and even just to get a feel for the brush. Sketchbook paper doesn’t behave in the same way proper watercolour paper does, but I found the process invaluable in prempting issues I might have with the final painting – a sort of trial run if you will. Also by creating another piece no matter how rough it is, I feel I’ve built up a little more creative momentum which will carry me through to working on more pieces.

The question now is: Do I have a second trial run, or move straight to the final piece?

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