A Lazy Summer?

A Lazy Summer?

Now that September is upon us, I feel like I’ve had a lazy summer.

…which is crazy!

I was so focussed on photography at the start of the year. I had a lot of drive and got out as often as possible to photograph: Early starts to catch the sunrise. Braving the rain. Planning for sunsets. But then that mostly dissapeared once the summer came.

But why do I feel I was lazy? I travelled all over: Cwm Rhaeadr, Irfon Forest, Caio Forest, Crychen Forest, Llyn Brianne, Cwm Berywn, Rhosilli Bay, RSPB Dinas, the Brecon Beacons, and even Snowdonia. I hiked miles with my rucksack. I scrambled across lakeside scrubland, trekked high trails, wandered deep forest, and walked country roads.

I suppose it felt lazy because I spent a lot of time just ‘being’. Most of the time, I’d pick a spot, spread my blanket and just relax for hours. I nearly fell asleep on the shores of Llyn Brianne. I ploughed through books while sitting in a mossy clearing in Irfon Forest. Often, Some days I’d just drive somewhere high to catch a cool breeze and get away from the incessant drone of neighbourhood garden maintenance.

Maybe I feel I was lazy because I didn’t produce any serious creative output. I didn’t do any serious writing, but I did journal a lot. I didn’t set out to take any ‘serious’ photos but instead took snaps with my compact. I didn’t produce any paintings, but I made rough sketches in a notebook.

When I take a step back from that initial thought of being lazy, I realise that I was actually very busy. I was busy exploring both externally and internally.

So what if I only took ‘snaps’ — they’ll likely go on to be the inspiration and basis for future pieces of artwork. I read loads of books and listened to podcasts — both of which nourished my mind. I visited new places and became more familiar with places I’d been before. I spent quality time with myself in contemplation.

So strike that first thought — it’s been a busy summer indeed.

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