Iron Lake - William Kent Krueger book cover

William Kent Krueger & Iron Lake

It must have been years ago when I added Tamarack County by William Kent Krueger to my wish list. At the time, I eager for stories set amongst tall pines — something that has been a strange attractor for me since discovering Twin Peaks and playing through Alan Wake.

It had a great cover — a single vehicle wending its way along an empty road, bordered by snow-covered conifers. I’m a sucker for covers, and yes, I do judge books by their cover. In this digital age, with the thousands of books that are available at the click of a mouse, the cover is the first thing that stands out — or not — when you’re browsing books.

So, I added it to my wish list for purchase at a later date.

It popped up on my wish list recently at 99p, so I had to get it. But then I noticed that most of the books in the series were also on special offer. They also had great covers. I read the sample of the first book in the series — Iron Lake, and liked what I read. I took a risk and bought the lot.

I’m trying to read a bit more widely these day. I accept I’ve read mainly in the horror, sci-fi and post-apocalyptic genres over the last few years. I’m looking to broaden my literature pool and see how other genres work, see how I can take elements and place them in my own stories. I can’t say I’ve any thing like Krueger’s work before now, so this is new, exciting territory for me.

I’m starting with Iron Lake and hoping that my gamble of purchasing the whole series pays off.

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