Hello and welcome to my website. I’m a photographer, artist and writer living in South Wales. I created this website as a central hub to share my work, my interests and my general thoughts.

The Blog

In my Blog, you’ll find a variety of posts – some simply about my progress on new projects, or how I’ve overcome various obstacles – others will be thoughts and ideas on life in general. Having struggled with depression and anxiety for a large part of my life, I’ll also be posting about that too. I’ve got a lot of draft posts on the go – I’m trying to get them finished and published as soon as I can – bear with me!


I have been photographing landscapes for 10 years now. You can find a small selection of my favourite landscape work in my Landscape Photography gallery, but more photos will be available for viewing as I take them in the Photography category of my blog.

I have included a gallery to showcase some of the portrait photography I took in the years I traded as a professional photographer. This can be found in the People Photography Gallery.

It is only recently that I have returned to expressing myself through art using a variety of media including fineliner pens, watercolours, acrylics, and also using digital mediums. I’ve separated my work into separate galleries – Drawings, Paintings and Digital Art. Like with the photography, new work will also appear in the Art category on my blog, along with my thoughts on it.

Finally, there’s my fiction. I’m working on a bunch of short stories and intend to self-publish an anthology of my work. I struggle with writing stories, jumping between different ideas, and generally getting in the right mindset to let my fiction flow. However, the urge is there, and I’ll keep soldiering on. You can find my stories under the Fiction category of my blog. Thoughts on my journey to becoming a writer, and the struggles that entails are in the the Writing category of my blog.

All categories and sections can be accessed using the sidebar down the left side of the website on desktop browsers, or by clicking the ‘three lines’ menu icon if you’re viewing on a mobile.


Chris Richards
April 2017

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