Choir Montage

Choir Montage

I was hired to take promotional photos for a recording release by the Brighton and Hove Gay Mens’ Chorus. Along with some portraits and group shots on Brighton beach, I was also asked to make an interesting shot of the group in the church that they rehearsed in.

I wanted to include the full view of the church in the shot to give a sense of location. However, with a relatively small number of members in the choir, they clearly could not fill the church. Thinking on my feet, I came up with the idea to photograph the choir seated in a few rows at a time, gradually working their way to the back of the church, and finally up to the balcony.

With minimal direction I got them to reposition themselves and use a variety of props to make sure they were each doing something different in each set of pews. Then in post-production I painstakingly merged several layers of photos together, hand-drawing layer-masks in Photoshop to ensure that the montage would stand up to close examination.

Finally, I colour graded the piece with a green and yellow tone which lent the shot a certain identity and helped bring out the skin-tones and the black and whites of the suits.

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