Khalis Memo Paris Clones

There are several brands that do clones that are talked about a lot in the fragrance community — Armaf, Paris Corner, Lattafa, Ard Al Zafaraan. But there’s one brand I’ve been trying for the last year or so that hardly gets a mention, and that’s Khalis. I first came across them with a recommendation that Khalis Resolute Gold was a good Tom Ford Tuscan Leather clone. For £12 for 100ml I couldn’t go wrong. Finding what fragrances their other offerings were clones of was a bit of a detective game with completely unrelated names (Khalis I’m Legend Black = Tom…

Ferrari Leather Essence

I spent 2019 exploring the range from Ferrari. When you think of scents by car manufacturers, you tend to think they’re going to be a bit lacklustre – the sort of fragrances they don’t keep locked behind glass in Boots. I’d already tried the basic Ferrari line (Red, Light Essence, Red Power etc.) but after being really impressed with Ferrari Silver Essence back in mid 2018, I was intrigued to see what the others were like. I managed to get most of the range, and finally got my hands on a 100ml bottle of Leather Essence just before Christmas 2019….